Add Listing Steps

ALERT: Only home business networking programs will be approved, no brick and mortor, retail, wholesale, etc.
Thank you!

To add your listing you will need to….

Use your real name and a personal profile picture when registering.

Go to the “Add Listing” link below these steps and click the “Create Listing” button after reading these steps.

Step 1: please enter your preferred user name and best email address.

Step 2: enter a great title and description. (create attention and interest)

Step 3: Enter relative keywords or phrases for better search engine placement.

Step 4: Enter required listing details.

Step 5: Enter listing attachments, up to 2 images.

Step 6: Enter your physical location to show on map and search.

Step 7: Choose any listing enhancements, if desired. (not free)

Next click here to begin Adding Your Listing

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