My Story Coming Across The Atlantic Ocean To The United States As an Immigrant

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Pasquale  Del Giudice

A little about me…
My Story Coming Across The Atlantic Ocean To The United States As an Immigrant. I was born in Italy, came into the United States December 1955. It took 17 days to arrive because of a broken shaft that needed to be fixed while in a bad storm, as the boat was swaying and up and down like a roller coaster and waves over 30ft I remember they had ropes in the hall ways for you to hang on .I was walking in the hall way to get to the dining hall to get food for my family because they stayed in the cabin after I took the food to my family I decided to go outside to look at the waves, looking at the front of the ship going under the water and come back up and at my age I did not know any better to be scarred it was scary.Usually the crossing of the Atlantic ocean takes no more then five days. I arrived Dec 27, 1955 in New York, Ellis Island. My final destination was Michigan with my mother, younger sister, and brother.

I’ve had a good life here which would not have been the same in Italy. I was inducted in the Army in June 1961 and mustered out in March 1965 and changed my name to Paul Del Giudice to become an American citizen.Then worked various jobs until started with Allegheny Airlines that became known as U-S AIRWAYS and now A.A . I worked as Ramp Agent, Shipping & Receiving, Ramp Lead, then Passenger Service Supervisor but in 1996 I was diagnosed with colon cancer and was off work for seven months. But during all those months being home I started to do M.L.M on the computer trying to make some money to offset my pay I was getting from the insurance, and I was not to lucky making any money as I found out you need to be at the top to make any money. I finally after getting through the chemotherapy and radiation was able to go back to work and resume my job but it was getting harder and harder on the daily basis to do my job but with the help of my fellow employees I was able to handle it. Thank God for all my friends at work that they carried me for couple of years until I decided it was time to retire because I was making it harder for every one else of carrying my work load.

I retired in 2000. After four years, I got tired being home and got me a part time car salesman job working three days a week and helped a lot of people by being honest with them and trusted me in seven months I sold used and new over 72 cars.The moral of the story is that I cannot stay with out work even when I found out again that cancer had struck me again, this time in my bladder in 2014 and going through operations also in 2015 but it is not done yet I will be going into the hospital every three months for the rest of my life, and since I have been working since I was 7 years old, and I cannot stop yet. Now with this new venture of Marketing online I hope that a lot of people can be helped through programs that are on this site for every one to look at and join.
Paul Del Giudice

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